Refrigerators are an essential part of daily living and are used often. For many home owners their refrigerator is the most important appliance in the kitchen. It allows for extended food storage and keeping food within the appropriate temperatures to slow down the reproduction rate of bacteria for freshness, edibility, and usability.


It is important to take care of refrigeration problems that arise quickly and if neglected, it could become a very costly project. Our team of experienced technicians are versed in the various types of refrigerators, brands and troubleshooting the issues that may arise from them.


Refrigeration Repair – Repairs can often times be challenging for a homeowner, even if it is something as small as a light bulb or as critical as running water. Our expert technicians will be able to help you with small or large repairs and replacements. Many newer refrigerators that are in good condition might only require repairs and modifications to have them working properly again. If your refrigerator is older and has a lot of wear and tear from years of service, our technicians might suggest a replacement option for cost savings and energy efficiency.


Refrigeration Maintenance - Issues with refrigeration maintenance may be as simple as turning the refrigerator and/or ice maker on and off to have it reboot, replacing a light bulb, or a torn door seal.  Other times, you may be experiencing more serious issue with a refrigerator, such as: leaking water, frost build up or that the refrigerator just stops working altogether. Enviro Air Systems technicians are here to help with small or large troubleshooting and maintenance needs.


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