Commercial refrigeration is one of the most important areas for supermarkets, restaurants, floral shops, and many other like businesses. At Enviro Air Systems we not only provide various brands of refrigerators to purchase from, but also will consult with you to create a customized solution and design for your specific and unique needs. Our goal is to create and implement systems and equipment that will provide the most efficient and effective use of your equipment, space, and your overall business.


Refrigeration Installation – Prior to refrigeration installation, we will insure that there is proper ventilation for the refrigerators compressor. We also install ventilation systems and can design and install one if need or use a current system if one is in place. We will then work with our clients to decide which refrigeration type is best for their needs. There are five different types of commercial refrigeration that are used:


  1. Commercial bar refrigeration units or wine bottle coolers
  2. Commercial refrigerated merchandisers
  3. Refrigeration & prep table stations
  4. Smaller under counter refrigerators
  5. Reach-in classic commercial units


Refrigeration Repair – We will advise our clients to maintain their refrigeration systems for preventative care and to save on repairs and get longevity from their units. Some common repairs include new capillary tubing, compressor, and evaporator fan motor failure. As with our other repair services, we will always outweigh the cost of repairs with the purchase of newer more efficient systems and advise our clients on the most cost effective option that is in their best interest.


Refrigeration Maintenance – Preventative maintenance is essential for the reliability of your equipment. Failure to regularly maintain commercial refrigerating will usually lead to very costly repairs, loss of goods and products, and of course loss of service to your valuable clients. A few of the issues caused by lack of maintenance include: increased energy costs, compressor failure because of dirty coils, burnt wiring because higher amp usage, and much more.

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