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Our vast team at Enviro Air Systems is licensed and ready to service your new construction projects. With over forty years of combined service, we consider ourselves experts in HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning). The great part about new construction is that you are able to custom design all of your HVAC needs to work well together and with new, modern, energy efficient and improved systems and solutions. Below is a list of services that we can offer for your project and you may contact us for a FREE quote here: Get a Quote


Heating System Installation– There are multiple types of heating systems available, such as Furnaces, Boilers and Heat Pumps. Furnaces use either natural gas, propane or electricity to generate the heat and will heat your home regardless of outside temperatures and conditions. While, Heat Pumps don’t work well in all climates, especially cold ones. Heat Pumps transfer existing hot air to cold parts of the room, which will not work if hot climate air is not present. Boilers, will boil water until it is hot and will distribute that water through pipes to radiators or baseboard heaters inside the home and produce heat to warm up each room.


AC Installation – Central Air Conditioners units either come in a split-system unit or a packaged unit. In a split-system AC (Air Conditioning) unit, both the condenser and compressor are located someplace outside in a metal cabinet, while the evaporator is indoor. A packaged AC unit houses all three components (condenser, compressor, and evaporator) together and typically on the roof or someplace next to the home’s foundation. With a packaged AC unit you will not need a separate indoor furnace.


Thermostat Installation – With technology advancements, there are great thermostats that are available within the marketplaces and offered by various reputable brands. Homeowners enjoy programing their thermostats to desired temperatures and times from the panel itself, a smart phone, or through apps. Programmable thermostats can also save energy and on costs by creating efficiency of use and maintain reasonable room temperatures throughout the day and preventing from your AC or Heating system from over working.


Electrical Baseboard – Electric baseboards are great for new constructions and incorporating them into your home design. With electric baseboard installation in a specific room, office or throughout the house in various rooms, you are able to efficiently control the heating of each room. With electrical board installation, you can also heat up a specific room that has cold spots because of poor ventilation.


Wall Heater Installation – Wall heaters are a great way to add heating into a new room addition or an existing space within the house that is a little cooler in temperature, such as a garage. It is also a cost effective alternative to heating up a single room, as apposed to turning on the central heating system. Wall heaters are also great for entry ways and bathrooms which are used often.


Ductless AC Installation – Ductless AC installation is a great alternative for older homes that do not have ducts installed and is a less expensive alternative to central AC installation for permanent air conditioning.


Ducts & Vents Installation – Efficient duct system installation can save homeowners money on energy costs, allow for proper function of their central AC and heating systems, and keep the air circulating indoors without leaks. While vents act as the assistant to the ducts, forcing the air out into specific rooms, it is also equally important to install the correct size and number of vents that are proportionate to the air that each room will need. Properly installed duct and vent systems can increase efficiency by more than 50%.


Refrigeration Installation – Proper installation of a refrigeration system will allow for longevity of use and efficiency. Often times refrigerators are not installed properly or by a licensed HVAC contractor and may cause costly damages to new appliances such as water leakage, frost build up and other malfunctions. Contact our seasoned, licensed and experienced team to assist you with your installation: Schedule Appointment


Water Tank Installation – With a shortage in water supply, especially in specific regions and even during emergencies, water tower installations have become increasingly popular. Water tanks are used to store safe drinking water, fire protection, emergency use of portable water, gardening, and other specific needs. Plastic residential water tanks are the most affordable and can hold from 5 to 10,500 gallons of water.


Garage Ventilation – Garage ventilation systems will refresh the garage with clean outside air and lower the temperatures inside the garage.  These systems also come with an adjustable thermostat to allow for homeowners to customize the controls for a particular climate or season. Our experienced technicians area available to give you a FREE quote – Get A Quote

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