Energy Efficient Systems

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are one of the most important in properly designing commercial buildings for comfort, safety, and efficiency. These systems will account for almost 40% of the energy used within buildings. Annual savings can add up to 70% (in some cases more than 70%) from high-performance and energy efficient systems partnered with the correct design and installation.


Consulting – Our licensed HVAC contractors will work with your team to create an HVAC design following fundamental and complex specifications. In addition to many other minute and multifaceted details, our team follows these stipulations in creating your customized HVAC building design and equipment suggestions:


  • Study all facets of the structure concurrently


  • Finalize the design objectives in the early stages of the project


  • Select the correct size HVAC units and systems for efficiency


  • When selecting equipment, consider part-load (will use only 50% or less of it’s actual capacity and still operate)


  • Consider designing with off-peak periods in mind for lower electric utilities costs


  • Plan and design for future expansion, without incorporating the equipment


  • Test the HVAC systems for its designed operations and technologies


  • Design a Maintenance and Operations Program for longevity and sustaining the quality of HVAC installed

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