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There are two types of central air conditioner units: a split-system unit or a packaged unit.


In a split-system air conditioning unit, the condenser and compressor are located outdoor in a metal cabinet and the evaporator is indoor. Usually, the indoor cabinet that stores the evaporator will also contain a furnace or part of the indoor heat pump. A split-system is the most economical option, if the home already has a furnace without an air conditioner installed.


With packaged air conditioning units, the condenser, evaporator, and compressor are all housed in one location. Typically, these units are either on the roof or placed outside, next to the house’s foundation on a concrete slab. These types of packaged air conditioning units are also common for smaller commercial buildings. A packaged central air conditioning and heating system will eliminate the need for a separate indoor furnace.


AC Repair – There may be many reasons why an Air Conditioning (AC) unit is not working properly or completely stops operating. It is important to operate your unit properly and keep the outside doors and windows closed when your AC is on.  Other problems with AC units may be because of incorrect installation and/or maintenance. Below are the five main AC Repairs:


  • Refrigerant Leaks  •  Inadequate Maintenance  •  Electric Control Failure  •  Sensor Problems  •  Drainage Problems

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AC Replacement – With proper Air Conditioner installation, your system will work effectively and efficiently for years to come and with only minor routine maintenance. An air conditioning unit or in split-systems, the condenser and compressor, should be installed in a space that the noise will not affect you or others. Also, the unit should be in an area where there aren’t any shrubs or other objects that will block the airflow to it.


AC Maintenance – Regular maintenance of your Air Conditioning unit will extend the efficacy of you AC unit for many years to come. Without proper maintenance your AC unit will not only work ineffectively and cost more in repairs or replacement, you will also waste a lot of energy and see increased costs of operating your unit.

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